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Downtown Cape Town

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

In South Africa we refer to downtown Cape Town, as the "Cape Town CBD" (Central Business District) Most South Africans will not understand if you ask there where Downtown Cape Town is.

Downtown Cape Town by Craig Howes

Strictly speaking, this is downtown Cape Town. Our main business district. However, most locals will refer to the areas in this map as Cape Town Central. Need more info? Read our Cape Town Guide for Tourists.

Where is the downtown area in Cape Town?

Aerial view of downtown cape town map
Downtown Cape Town Map

How close is the beach from downtown in Cape Town?

There are a couple beaches starting in Mouille Point that are between 5-10 minutes drive from downtown Cape Town. These beaches have great places to walk, rocks and beautiful sunsets. However if you are looking to lay on the beach and tan we recommend driving a little further to Clifton Beach, Camps Bay Beach or even Llandudno.

List of Hotels Near Down Town Cape Town

Attractions near downtown Cape Town

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