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What is Cape Town like for tourists? (2024)

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Cape Town is a beautiful Coastal city in the Western Cape of South Africa. On numerous occasions, Cape Town has been voted the best city in the world. By the end of this article, you will know exactly why!

What is Cape Town Known for?

  • Breath-taking landscapes (Photographers' paradise- Check out our Instagram here!)

  • Robben Island and Nelson Mandela

  • Saying: "Bru" and "lekker"

  • A Natural 7th Wonder of the world (Table Mountain)

  • Beautiful people "A Rainbow Nation"

  • LGBTQ Friendly

  • Rich Cultural experiences

  • Rich heritage

  • Amazing Beaches

  • Sense of humour

  • Penguins

  • World-renowned wine and wineries

  • Adventures (Hikes, Diving with Seals)

  • Sport (Surfing, Kitesurfing, Trail Running, Mountain Biking)

  • Great Food of all kinds

  • Connect with Nature

  • Clubs

  • Incredible hotels

  • 2 Oceans

  • Smaller Safari Experiences

  • Sunsets

Is Cape Town Cheap?

Cape Town is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in the world. For around 50$ a couple could go to a really nice dinner and still have a good bottle of wine.

Cape Town Country

Cape Town is a Town, in the province of the Western Cape, South Africa.

How much is an average meal in Cape Town?

The Average meal costs: 10-15 US Dollars

In Cape Town you can go to a really nice restaurant, have a meal for 2 and a delicious bottle of wine for less than 40$ or go to our favourite restaurant (one of the best in the world) and have a 3 Course Fine Dining experience for 2 with world-renowned wine pairing for 92$

Homespun by Matt, Fine dining cape town restaurant and food
Homespun by Matt

How far is everything to Cape Town?

Everything in Cape Town is incredibly close. From the centre of Cape Town, you can find the following things within 20 Minutes drive

  • Table Mountain (New Natural wonder of the world)

  • Bo-Kaap

  • Camps Bay and 12 Apostles

  • Lions Head (One of the best hikes in the world)

  • Cape Town CBD

  • Luxury Hotels near the Beach

  • Incredible Beaches

  • Cultural activities

  • The Waterfront

40 Minutes drive

I've driven around the whole of California and Cape Town is like all the best parts of California in the space of San Diego.

For our Americans

Chapmans Peak = Big Sur

Stellenbosch = Napa Valley

Cape Town Central = San Diego/ San Fransisco

The Only Difference is we have Table Mountain right in the middle of everything, A new Natural wonder of the world.

Image of Cape Town by Craig Howes

Where is Cape Town?

Cape Town is in South Africa, it is one of the Southern Points of Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean Meet

Cape Town Map

Zoomed into South Africa

What food is Cape Town Known for?

Cape Town is known for having great food in general. Cape Town has a variety of cultures and cuisines ranging from budget to luxury fine dining. Food is a big part of South African culture. One very uniquely Cape Town cuisine is Cape Malay Cooking.

Is Cape Town the most beautiful city in the World?

A lot of people will say Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world. To some Cape Town is one of the most beautiful looking cities in the world, but the real reason Cape town is so beautiful comes from within, the people. South Africans are just really great people. There are so many types of South Africans but we all have something in common.

  • We love South Africa and Cape Town

  • Love to Braai

  • Love Sport

  • Live life to the fullest

Why is Cape Town so beautiful?

As you can see from the maps above, Cape Town has a very interesting geographical location. Cape Town is a small landmass surrounded by mountains and 2 separate oceans. This results in really interesting landscapes and an abundance of nature and wildlife.

Since Cape Town was the midpoint when sailing between Europe and Asia way back in the past, it has resulted in a beautiful fusion of cultures. African, European, Middle Eastern and Asian.

Cape Town Beaches

Cape Town's beaches are breathtaking, and what makes Cape Town so unique is that we have

so many beaches, each beach completely different from the next. The reason being is that Cape Town has an extremely unique geographical location. Near the tip Southern Tip of Africa. This means Cape Town is a narrow landmass surrounded by 2 oceans with a Mountain Range in the centre. This all means that Cape Town has a bunch of micro climates that lead to very different beaches all across Cape Town

Why is Cape Town So Good?

The short answer is there is a lot to do, it is beautiful and affordable in comparison to other cities.

Cape Town has something for everyone whether you're young or Old, chilled or adventurous, you can experience paragliding to hightea, backpackers to 5-star hotels. Cape Town has it all!

Have a look at our 19 unique Ideas ideas for Cape Town here!

Cape Town Hotels

Cape Town has a huge range of hotels, you can find anything from 5 Star Luxury Hotels to off-the-grid Airbnbs, backpackers and luxury villas. The cost per night ranges from around 40$ to 2000$ and up.

Why is Cape Town Called the Mother City?

Cape Town was the first city in South Africa. Established in 1652 by the Dutch as a mid-point for ships from Holland (Dutch East India Company) bound for the East (the Spice Route). The city is often referred to as the Mother of South Africa because it gave birth to South Africa.

Is Cape Town a good place to live?

The only thing better than visiting Cape Town is living in Cape Town. Besides all the points listed above, Cape Town has one of the best qualities of life. You can be outdoors and active all year round. The weather is great too.

Is Cape Town a First World City?

There are elements of Cape Town that feel like a first world-city. Officially Cape Town is ranked as a BETA world city.

Cape Town is part of South Africa which suffers from the Passed of Apartheid. While South Africa has taken amazing strides forward and become a beautiful rainbow nation of inclusiveness. South Africa still has deeply rooted poverty and chronic inequality. That said the Cape Town Local Government really takes great strides to remove the gap.

Keep checking back we are continuously adding to this article.

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