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Scratch Patch (World of Gemstones)

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of being in a cave covered in gemstones? Well, that’s exactly what the scratch patch is.

Cave filled with Gemstones. Scratch Patch Cape Town
Scratch Patch Cape Town

Scratch patch is literally a huge ‘cave’ covered in Gemstones. You can choose your bag size then ‘scratch’ through the gems and collect your favourites.

"A very good place to take overseas visitors. Lovely, big showroom with beautiful stones for every taste and price. The Scratch Patch is fun for young and old and an exciting experience sorting out your own selection of stones." Hanna T (Cape Town Local)

For Kids

Scratch patch is for young and old. It is ideal for kids and families, they absolutely love the treasure hunt aspect of it, and it is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the kids. What else is great is it is relatively inexpensive. See the price table below.

"I actually went to scratch patch MANNYY years ago when I was 6 and it is my most memorable memory from my childhood. I remember my brother and I went and found a bit of amethyst. When we put the 2 pieces together, we realised it was 2 halves of one stone. It was one of the BEST days of my life since when I was younger I was OBSESSED with crystals and gemstones and all that. I’m 16 now so it was 10 years ago. I would absolutely LOVE to go back there again and it would make my heart feel so warm. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going as a family is the BEST. 😁"

For Adults

Scratch patch is also great for adults. Why? Because you get the feeling like a kid again. The Gems are exceptionally beautiful. There is something special about finding your precious stone. If you are into geology or gemmology this place is paradise.

For Tourists

If you are from overseas you will find beautiful jewellery to choose from, you will also be able to take South Africa's famous gems back with you as the perfect souvenir.

Gem Stones Cape Town.
Scratch Patch Facilities

Glow in the dark adventure golf cave.

The Simon's town Scratch Patch has a very cool glow-in-the-dark golf cave that is fun for all ages. Just make sure you get there at least an hour before closing times.

Scratch Patch Crystals - Mineral World

If you are a crystal, mineral or gem collector, Mineral world at Scratch Patch is going to blow your mind, with its rare and unique mineral specimens.

What you might find there:

  • Fossils such as Megladon Shark’s Teeth (each one around 55 million years old)

  • Tanzanite

  • Moldavite specimens

  • Amethyst

  • Citrine geodes

Variety of gemstones. Mineral World
Mineral World, Scratch Patch Cape Town

The Staff and Facilities

Scratch Patch is known for having amazing staff. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The facilities are known for being exceptionally clean.

Scratch Patch Cost

Bag Size


Grams Approx

Small bag



Small bag (Groups 10 or more)



Medium Bag



Large Bag






Scratch Patch near me?

There are 2 scratch patches in the city of Cape Town.

Scratch Patch V & A Waterfront.

Location: In the Portswood Ridge District.

Operating hours: 09:00-16:30 Monday- Sunday (Including Public Holidays)

Scratch Patch Simon's Town

Location: Dido Valley Rd, Simon's Town, Cape Town, 7995

Operating hours:

Monday- Friday: 08:30 - 16:45

Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: 09:00- 16:30 (Closed on Cape Town Cycle tour day)

Scratch Patch contact details:

Telephone number: +27 21 786 2020

Let us know your thoughts and comments once you've visited. We are always wanting to stay up to date.

If you are looking for more activities to do in Cape Town.

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