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Best Restaurants in Cape Town (2023)

Updated: Feb 16

If you are looking for the "best restaurants near me" We've put together a wide range of some of the best restaurants in Cape Town. Whether you are looking for fine dining, local cuisine, or even the "best burgers near me" we've found the hidden gems in Cape Town and its surroundings.

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  1. Best Restaurants in Cape Town

  2. Best Street Food Cape Town

  3. Best Local and African Cuisine

  4. Warm and Cozy Restaurants Cape Town

  5. Burger Den (Best Burgers in Cape Town)

  6. Best Sushi and Asian Cuisine Cape Town

  7. Best Steak House in Cape Town

  8. Best Indian Food in Cape Town

  9. Best Seafood Restaurants Cape Town

  10. Best Rooftop Restaurants and Bars

  11. Best Breakfasts Cape Town

  12. Best Italian Restaurant

  13. Best Pizza Cape Town

  14. Best Vegan Breakfast

  15. Best Restaurants in Stellenbosch

Note that star ratings are a combination of TripAdvisor and Google ratings with a touch of discretion.

A little background on South African Food

One of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in a country's culture is to explore that country's food. Cape Town has to be one of the most diverse cities in the world, which means great food, and great restaurants.

When you look at the globe, Cape Town and South Africa are right in the middle of the East and West. Cape Town was a key trading port that connected Europe to the East. This has resulted in a fusion of African, European and Eastern cuisine. Combining this with South Africa's rich and fertile soil, farming and oceans results in a very special gastronomy and cultural experience.

In this article, we want to highlight some of the best food experiences and restaurants in Cape Town.

Best Restaurants in Cape Town

1) Homespun by Matt

There is something special about Homespun. You really get the sense that Matt is a dreamer and a visionary. Each plate of food is a work of art with a story. I remember the first time I heard of Homespun. A little fine dining restaurant in Blouberg. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, however, we were blown away by this little gem. Over the years we've seen Matt grow in confidence as a chef and really begin to push the boundaries of what is possible. It is evident that Matt loves food, travelling, experimenting and putting on a show that captivates all your senses.

Style: Local cuisine, Asian, European, International Fusion.

Homespun by matt, fine dining, best restaurant in cape town
Homespun by Matt

Rating 4.9*

Best for:

  • Hidden Gem

  • A sensual culinary adventure

  • Fine dining

Location: 1 Porterfield Road Opposite Catch 22 & next to The Fat Greek, Bloubergstrand 7441 South Africa

Contact: 021 556 2824

2) Fyn Restaurant (Worlds top 50 Restaurants #37)

Fyn is one of those extraordinary restaurants that push the boundaries of excellence. The menu is highly innovative yet grounded in contemporary culinary practices. We love the interesting decor and the integration of the kitchen with the dining room. The flavours are a fusion of South African and Japanese cuisine. If you are looking for a special culinary experience, there is a reason why Fyn found it way onto the Worlds top 50 Restaurants list.

Fine Dining, Fyn Restaurant, Cape Town
Fyn Restaurant

Rating 4.8*

Best for:

  • Fine dining

  • Date night

  • Taste sensation

  • Culinary experience

Location: Speakers Corner Floor 5th 37 Parliament Street, 8001 South Africa

Contact: 021 286 2733

3) Reverie Social Table

The is something about sharing good food and wine with good company. At Reverie Social Table you'll be treated to a wonderful set menu paired with fine wine at one big communal table. It's much like being invited to a dinner at a friend's house, a friend that is a super host! Expect an incredibly intimate evening with Julia the owner and head chef.

Rating 4.9*

Best for:

  • Unique dining experience

  • Good food, good wine, good company

  • Vibe

Location: 226A Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa

Contact: 079 060 6971

4) Belly of the beast

Belly of the beast is one of those really unique and interesting restaurants. The restaurant only seats 24 people, as the team does everything from Cooking to serving their food. Be prepared for a fine dining experience you have never had before.

"There are no menu options or set amount of courses. All you do is show up and trust us to satisfy with our seasonal fair.

We source from local sustainable producers and use every part of the animal. You can expect some dishes that might test your boundaries, but we always balance our menu so that everyone will enjoy the experience."

Rating: 4.9*

Location: 110 Harrington Street, Cape Town Central 8001 South Africa

5) La Colombe | Silvermist Wine Estate, Constantia

La Colombe is one of those restaurants that take fine dining to a whole new level. Somewhere where every sense is satisfied. It's where your imagination runs wild and is rewarded with the unexpected.

La Colome is one of the most loved restaurants in South Africa with a distinguished list of rewards.

Contemporary French meets Asian fine dining.

2021 Awards

World’s 50 Best (81st)

Trip Advisor - Best Fine Dining Restaurant in the World (13th)

Trip Advisor - Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Africa

World Culinary Awards - Best Restaurant in Africa

Rating 4.8*

Best for:

  • Fine dining

  • Experience one of the world's best restaurants

  • Taste sensation

  • Culinary experience

Location: Silvermist Wine Estate, Main Road, Constantia Nek, Cape Town, 7806

Contact: 021 974 2390

6) Chefs Warehouse (Beau Constantia)

Chefs Warehouse in Beau Constantia is one of the consistently best, restaurants in Cape Town. The seating area on the top of Constantia's neck that overlooks the vineyards and False bay is incredible. The service is excellent, and the food is exquisite, both in concept, flavour and presentation. The unique ingredients will blow your mind.

Rating 4.7*

Best for:

  • Wholesome food

  • Beautiful Cafe

  • Vegan and Vegetarian options

  • Pitstop on a day trip around the Cape Peninsula.

Location: Beau Constantia Wine Estate, Main Road Beau Constantia, Glen Alpine, 7806 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 794 8632

Best Street Food (Near me)

1) Nish Nush

If you love travelling and food, there is something special about finding that secret hole-in-the-wall type restaurant that makes mouth-watering food.

Nish Nush (Meaning "snack" in Hebrew) is a middle Eastern Street Food Hatch on Bree. Known for their homemade pitas, succulent shwarmas, hummus and falafels. Nish Nush was founded by Israeli-born Ofer Holinger. We highly recommend stopping by if you love street food and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Nish Nush Bree Street Food Cape Town
Nish Nush Bree Street

Rating: 4.7*

Best for:

  • Street Food

  • Mediterranean food

  • Shwarma's

  • Casual Dining

Opening Times: Tuesday – Saturday, 12 pm – 10 pm

Location: 110 Bree Street, CBD, Cape Town

Contact: 061 543 1120

Best Local and African Cuisine.

1) Mzansi

Mzansi Restaurant was birthed through the vision of Nomonde’s Siyaka late mother. Langa Township is the oldest township in Cape Town and is one of the most visited by tourists. It holds a strong historical account of movements against the apartheid government and thus the interest of the tourist. Mzansi Restaurant aims to introduce to tourists traditional foods served in the African traditional environment. Music, played by our live band adds to the atmosphere aiding in a complete township restaurant experience.

Rating 4.7*

Best for:

  • Authentic Local Experience

  • Good food, good music, good people

  • Unique

Location: 45 Harlem Ave, Langa, Cape Town, 7455

Contact: 021 694 1656

2) Mozambik

Mozambik has to be our favourite everyday restaurant, the food and flavours are always incredible. This casual restaurant is always vibrant with people enjoying their meals, it's a great spot for beers in the sun with the food never disappointing. Mozambik, gets its name from Mozambique, the coastal country that borders South Africa to the north. Anyone that has travelled to Mozambique will tell you how beautiful the country is, and how good the food is. The cuisine is a fusion of African flavours, Island-style cooking with a heavy Portuguese influence. The Mozambiquan-style prawns, chicken and calamari have to be the tastiest we have ever tried.

There are currently 3 Mozambiks in Cape Town

  • V & A Waterfront

  • Century City

  • Eden on the bay Blouberg

Rating: 4.6*

Best for:

  • Local cuisine

  • Prawns

  • Portuguese style cooking

  • Lunch with Mates

  • Takeaways (Uber Eats)

Contact: 021 023 0345

3) Gold Restaurant

Gold is more than just a meal, it is a full African Experience. Specialising in Local Tunisian cuisine. Visiting Gold is an interactive evening of fun. Experience a 14-course tasting menu or get involved in a drumming circle. Gold offers a spice experience in addition to a trip through Africa through food, dance and music.

Rating: 4.7*

Best for:

  • Entertainment

  • Experiencing local cuisine and culture

  • Fun Night out

  • Spice menu

Location: 15 Bennett St, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005

Contact: 021 421 4653

4) Madam Taitou

Madam Taitou is an Authentic Ethiopian Restaurant and Gallery set in the heart of Cape Town CBD, Long Street. If you are looking for an unusual, surreal dining experience we highly recommend stopping in. The Food and atmosphere are amazing. Traditional African Cuisine.

Rating: 4.7*

Best for:

  • Ethiopian cuisine

  • Unique Dining Experience

  • Vegan and Vegetarian Options

  • Food Journey

Location: 77 Long Street 74B wale Street corner of Wale and Buitengracht, Cape Town Central 8001 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 426 6969

5) Stardust Cape Town (Singing waiter)

Stardust Cape Town isn't your typical restaurant experience. They define themselves as Theatrical Dining. It's the home of the singing waiter. If you are looking for a fun night out, with great Mediterranean-style food make sure you check out Stardust, home to South Africa's next stars.

Rating: 4.7*

Best for:

  • Entertainment

  • Good Food

  • Fun Night out

Location: 118 Sir Lowry Rd, Foreshore, Cape Town, 7925

Contact: 021 462 7777

Warm and Cozy Restaurants Cape Town

1) Bouchon Bistro

Bouchon Bistro is an inner-city gem! Set in an urban winery in the heart of Cape Town. Bouchon has that cozy warm feel you'd want from a great restaurant. Bouchon ticks all the boxes, great food, good variety, cozy restaurant, and amazing service. Mediterranean, European cuisine and wine bar.

Rating: 4.6*

Best for:

  • Tapas

  • Wine Bar

  • Date night

  • Warm and cozy

Location: 95 Hout Street, Cape Town Central 8000, South Africa

Contact: +27 21 422 0695

2) The Food Barn (Noordhoek)

Café by day, Tapas bar by night. The Food Barn caters for everyone. We love their breakfasts and how their tapas comes alive at night. The food barn is situated in the little town of Noordhoek. It's really worth taking a drive and spending the day there.

While you are there make sure you take a look at the Food Barn Deli!

Rating 4.6*

Best for:

  • Breakfasts

  • Topas

  • Day out

  • Vibe

  • Dog friendly

Location: Noordhoek Farm Village, Village Lane Noordhoek Village Farm, Noordhoek 7979, South Africa

Contact: 021 789 1390

3) Societi Bistro (with fireplace)

If you are looking for a warm and cozy little restaurant you'll love Societi Bistro. Their dining philosophy is "Societi Bistro is a neighbourhood “local”. A sanctuary for Capetonians and visitors looking for a home from home. More than cuisine – it's a way of life – taking time to savour a meal and enjoy the company of family and friends."

4) Kloof Street House

Kloof street house is a beautiful eclectic-style restaurant on the vibrant Kloof Street. We love the buzzing atmosphere, the artwork, the Gardens and of course the food. Kloof street house is a converted house which gives a unique feel and layout to the restaurant. This is a real Cape Town classic.

Rating: 4.6*

Best for:

  • Eclectic Night Out

  • Cozy and Warm Restaurant

  • Vibrant crowd

  • Great food

  • Great Cocktails

Location: 30 Kloof Street Gardens, Cape Town Central 8001 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 423 4413

5) La Parada Constantia (Tapas)

What we love about La Parada is the consistency of great tapas and the vibe to match. La Parada offers tapas born from Spanish heritage but curated for the South African Palate. We love the eclectic selection of Spanish-inspired tiles and decor.

If you are looking for a classy place to have some drinks and enjoy sharing small plates of food with a Spanish flair, La Parada is the place for you.

Rating 4.5*

Location: La Parada is a South African franchise with a couple of Restaurants throughout

Cape Town.

  • La Parada Waterfront (Shop 18, Alfred Mall, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Central 8001)

  • La Parada Bree Street

  • La Parada Constantia

  • La Parada Century City

Contact: +27 60 788 0916

Burger Den (Best Burgers near me)

1) Burger and Lobster

Set in the vibrant Bree Street, Cape Town Central, Burger and Lobster has a slick New York style with a South African twist. We love the return to basics to create a simple and uncomplicated restaurant culture. As the name suggests, the main meals are burgers and lobster. In South Africa, we call Lobster Crayfish, which is one of the premium seafood choices around the world.

Burger Den, Cape Town, Burger and Lobster
Burger and Lobster Cape Town

Rating: 4.5*

Best for:

  • Burgers

  • Lobster

  • Cheesecake

  • Milkshakes

  • Vibe

Location: 105 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

Contact: 021 023 0345

2) Jerrys Burger Bar

If you are ever looking for a classic Burger and Beer vibe, you can't go wrong at Jerry's. Jerry's is a restaurant bar vibe, with a ton of beer and burger options. They also serve a variety of other bar-type food. All the Jerry's in Cape Town are good, but you can't beat the view of Table Mountain for Jerry's Blouberg

Rating: 4.5*

Best for:

  • Burgers and Beers

  • Chilled, Good Vibes

  • Good Portions

  • Friday Nights

Location: Blouberg Beach, Heritage Square, Observatory (Obs), Willowbridge

Contact: +27 21 556 0852

Best Sushi and Asian Cuisine Cape Town (Sushi Near Me)

1) Silk Asian Fusion

The new Asian Tapas Restaurant on the block. Brought to you by the same owners and Chef as Bouchon Bistro. Silk Route - is an East meets West fusion of tantalizing tapas dishes prepared on a charcoal grill with fresh seasonal ingredients. Inspired by the Silk Trading Route, that connected Asia to Europe.

We loved the inspired menu and the authenticity of the charcoal grill.

The restaurant has a warm and cozy feel. Combined with fine wines and great cocktails it's the perfect place for date night.

Located on Shortmarket Street in Cape Town CBD. We highly recommend this new restaurant.

Rating: 4.6*

Best for:

  • Date Night

  • Takoyaki - soft battered balls filled with octopus

  • Firegrill (ROBATAYAKI)

  • Taste sensation

Location: 108 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town

Contact: 071 910 8122

2) YU Restaurant

If you are looking for a "Zen Asian Bistro" Yu is the place for you. YU is an Asian tapas and bar. Specialising in Asian and Japanese cuisine, each dish is beautifully presented and tasty. Expect a warm welcome from the owner and staff.

YU Restaurant, Japanese, sushi, Asian Food
Yu Cape Town

Rating: 4.6*

Best for:

  • Contemporary Japanese dining

  • Sushi

  • Dim sum

  • Taste sensation

Location: 57 Heerengracht Street The ONYX Hotel, Cape Town Central 8001 South Africa

Contact: 021 111 0453

3) Poke Co

Poké Co specialises in Poké bowls. Inspired by Asian flavours if you are looking for a healthy snack packed full of goodness, the Poke Co is the place for you. They also offer great vegan dishes.

Poké Bowl, Poke Co Cape Town Restaurants
Poke Co Cape Town

Rating 4.6*

Location: 90 Loop St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000Contact: +27 60 788 0916

Contact: 087 470 0125

4) Obi (Sushi and Japanese)

If you are looking for the perfect Sushi, we highly recommend Obi. The Sushi is as fresh, detailed, tasty and beautiful. You'd be forgiven for thinking you were eating in Tokyo. Say hi to Papa Dan.

Rating: 4.8*

Best for:

  • Authentic Japanese

  • Sushi

  • Sushimi

  • Ramen

Location: 14 Long Street, Cape Town Central 7405 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 418 4040

Best Steak House Cape Town

1) Hussar Grill - Camps Bay

South Africa is known for its Steak and Wine. If you are looking for a classic steak house that never disappoints. He highly recommends any of the Hussar grills, but if we had to pick our favourite it would be Camps Bay. They are famous for their steak and have a great range of wines to pair.

Rating: 4.8*

Best for:

  • Steak

  • Ambience

  • Warms and Cozy

Location: 108 Camps Bay Drive Shop 2, Camps Bay 8005 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 438 0151

2) Nelson's Eye

Nelsons Eye is one of the oldest Steakhouses in Cape Town. Established in the early sixties, the moment you walk in the door you'll see the passion they have for steak. They focus on sourcing only the best grain-fed beef, matured to perfection. We love how you can walk to the front, see the flames and ask management to help you pick your perfect cut of meat.

A big plus is that all of Nelsons Eye's meat is Halaal, making it a great Halaal Friendly choice of Steak House.

Rating: 4.8*

Best for:

  • Steak

  • Experience

  • Warms and Cozy

  • Halaal friendly

Location: 9 Hof Street Gardens, Cape Town Central 8001 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 423 2601

Best Indian Food

1) Bombay Brasserie

The Bombay Brasserie is a beautifully styled upper-class Indian Restaurant in Cape Town. Situated in the stylish Taj hotel. The Bombay Brasserie captures the spirit of India with its mixed decor and dynamically textured fine Indian cuisine.

Indian Restaurant Cape Town
Bombay Brasserie

Rating: 4.5*

Best for:

  • Fine Indian food

  • Date night

  • Taste sensation

  • Smart Casual Dining

Location: 1 Wale street, corner St Georges Mall, Cape Town, South Africa

Contact: 021 819 2000

Best Seafood Restaurants Cape Town

1) Cafe Orca

Cafe Orca is a hidden gem in the little town of Melkbos. Melkbos is a short drive up the west coast about 45minutes from Cape Town. Cafe Orca is a typical west coast style restaurant on the beach that focuses on only the freshest local ingredients. We highly recommend a day trip out to Cafe Orca.

Rating: 4.7*

Best for:

  • Seafood

  • West Coast Mussels

  • Weekend drive up the coast

  • Sunday Lunches

Location: 88 Beach Road, Melkbosstrand 7441 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 553 4120

2) Millers Thumb

Millers Thumb is a lovely old house repurposed as a quirky little restaurant. Walking into Millers' Thumb is like walking into someone's dream Solly and Jane's Dream. You get a sense that this restaurant is filled with love and passion from the food, to the flavours and staff.

We highly recommend this little gem in Cape Town Central.

Rating: 4.7*

Best for:

  • Mozambican Curry

  • Fresh Seafood

  • Homely service

  • Classic Cape Town

Location: 10B Kloof Nek Rd, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town

Contact: +27 21 424 3838

3) Harbour House Kalk Bay (Restaurant with a view)

If you are looking for a restaurant with a view of Kalk bay. The Harbour house is beautiful. Located right in the little fishing harbour on the rocks, it really is a special location. Great for a special occasion and superb seafood.

Rating: 4.5*

Best for:

  • Amazing Location

  • Sushi

  • Oysters and Champagne (or MCC)

  • Seafood

Location: Main Rd Kalk Bay Harbour, Kalk Bay 7975 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 788 4136

Best Rooftop Restaurants

1) Utopia | Rooftop Restaurant

When your tagline is "Dining Elevated" your expectations are set pretty high. Utopia is a chic rooftop eatery that has been called one of the best rooftop restaurants in Africa. Set on floor 15 in the heart of Cape Town you will be treated to exquisite views of Cape Town.

Utopia has a great A la Carte menu as well as a very affordable set menu. Utopia is also Halaal-friendly!

Rating 4.6*

Best for:

  • Rooftop Dining

  • Great value

  • View

  • Vibe

  • Halaal friendly

Location: 15th Floor, 40 Chiappini St, De Waterkant, Cape Town, 8001

Contact: 021 418 3065

2) Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar and Bistro (Mountain Club Bistro)

If you are looking for a vibey place to enjoy good food, beers and cocktails, Cloud 9 rooftop bar is a must-see. This double-level restaurant even has a splash pool with 360-degree views of Cape Town.

Rating: 4.6*

Best for:

  • Rooftop bar and bistro

  • Sushi

  • Fun in the sun

  • 360 Degree views of Cape Town

  • Plunge Pool

  • Cocktails

Location: Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel, 12 Kloof Nek Road, Gardens, Cape Town

Contact: +27 (21) 569 4667

Best Breakfasts near me (Breakfast Cafe)

1) Whole Earth Cafe

One of the must-do's when visiting Cape Town is the peninsula drive. The peninsula drive will take you through Simmons Town, Cape Point, Noordhoek and Scarborough. Besides doing the classics like visiting the penguins at boulders beach, and climbing to the top of Cape Point. We highly recommend stopping in at Whole Earth Cafe. Located in the heart of Scarborough. The Whole Earth cafe is known for its great wholesome food and warm inviting service.

Rating 4.7*

Best for:

  • Wholesome food

  • Beautiful Cafe

  • Vegan and Vegetarian options

  • Pitstop on a day trip around the Cape Peninsula.

Location: 257 Main Road, Scarborough 7975 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 780 1138

2) Liquorice and Lime

Liquorice and Lime is one of those perfect breakfast and brunch spots. Tucked away in a little secluded area, it has a beautiful view of Table Mountain. The food is well priced and delicious.

Rating: 4.7*

Best for:

  • Table Mountain views

  • Breakfast and brunch

  • Great service

  • Wholesome food

Location: 162 Kloof Street Gardens, 8001 South Africa

Contact: +27 21 423 6921

Best Italian Restaurants Near me

1) Osteria Tarantino (Best Italian)

Osteria Tarantino delivers authentic Italian dining and cuisine. This little gem in De Waterkant is both quaint and cozy. You'd be forgiven for thinking that you are in a traditional restaurant in Italy. Enrico the owner goes the extra mile to take care of his guests.

Rating: 4.7*

Best for:

  • Tapas

  • Wine Bar

  • Date night

  • Warm and cozy

Location: 125A Waterkant Road De Waterkant, Cape Town Central 8001 South Africa

Contact: +27 76 505 1771

Best Pizza Near me

1) Massimo's

If you are looking for the best authentic Italian Pizza in Cape Town, head over to Massimo's in Hout Bay. Not only is their pizza amazing, but they are also one of the best overall Authentic Italian Restaurants in Cape Town.

Rating: 4.6*

Best for:

  • Wood-fired pizza

  • Authentic Italian

  • Limoncello

Location: Oakhurst Farm Park, Main Rd, 7806, Hout Bay, Cape Town

Contact: 067 324 0261

Best Vegan Breakfast Near me

1) Nourish'd

If you are looking for a beautiful Vegan breakfast we highly recommend Nourish'd. With a focus on our planet, sustainability and healthy food. Nushis'd is a beautiful little space for the perfect Vegan breakfast

We hope you enjoyed our article. If you found it interesting and useful let us know in the comments.

We are always looking to update our list, so if you experience any stand-out restaurants, be sure to let us know.

Article by @cityofcapetown founder Craig Howes

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