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Film Production Companies South Africa

South Africa and Cape Town have a wide variety of incredible film and content production agencies

Here is the list of our favourites and best production companies in South Africa. The list will be broken into a variety of categories. Before we start it is important to note that this entire platform and its content have been produced and built by Craig Howes and SoCoMunity.

1) SoCoMunity

SoCoMunity is a Cape Town-based full-service independent boutique Film and Production company. They have produced films and content for a variety of local and international brands.


Lead Director: Craig Howes (@craighowes)

Industry Specialist in:

  • Travel Films and Photography

  • Lifestyle Brands (Clothing

  • Car Films and Photography

  • Hotels and Restaurants

  • Tourism

  • Safari

  • Extreme Sport


DIGITAL Content Specialist

  • Films

    • Travel shows (Explore, Food, Location, Photography, Running, Kite Surfing)

    • Youtube Short Films and Tutorials​

    • Brand Videos

    • Documentaries

    • Instagram Reels and Tiktok

    • Sizzle Reels

  • Photography

    • Social Media Photography​

    • Lifestyle Photography

    • Landscape Photography

    • Travel Photography

    • Influencer Photography

2) Blackbean Productions

Black Bean is an independent film production company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

They produce high-quality commercial and documentary films with cause-related, purpose-filled content at our core. They are a for-profit company with a focus on sustainability.

Lead Director: James Suter (@jamessuter)

Industry Specialist in:

  • Safari

  • Conservation


DIGITAL Content Specialist

  • Documentary film making

3) Dirty Habits Productions

Dirty Habits specialises in extreme sports film productions. With access to a wide variety of athletes ranging from professional Surfers, Kiteboarders, Wing Suiters, FMX riders and even stunt aeroplanes. Dirty Habits produces some of the best and most entertaining adrenaline fuelled content.

Lead Director: Graham Howes (@grahamhowes)

Industry Specialist in:

  • Extreme Sport

  • Water Sport

  • Adventure

  • Stunts


DIGITAL Content Specialist

  • Documentary film making

  • Reality Shows

  • Social Media Content

  • Athlete profiles

  • Entertainment

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