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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Cape Town.


Answers to the most  General frequently asked questions about Cape Town.

Where is Cape Town

Cape Town also known as the mother city, is a city in the Western Cape, South Africa. While the city of Cape Town refers to an area stretching from Cape Point to Melkbos and False Bay. The city covers an area of 116 square miles (300 square kilometres). Population estimate of 4,710,000. (2021).

That said the locals will interchangeably refer to Cape Town as the main city centre and surround (Sea Point, CBD, Camps Bay, Clifton, Gardens) or the classic definition mentioned above.

How safe is Cape Town

Cape Town is a safe city if you apply common sense. Yes, there are areas of Cape Town that are unsafe and we would recommend visitors only visit informal settlements with a local guide.


At night stay away from being alone on empty dark streets especially if you have camera gear or other valuables. That said the general tourism spots, beaches, malls, and activities are safe.


A special note about Long Street, Long Street has a lot of petty crime at night, be cautious about pickpocketing. All the above-said Cape Town locals will tell you they feel safe in their city. 

Cape Town is safe for lone Single Female travellers, but again use common sense and ask a local if you are unsure.

How Long is the Flight to Cape Town

London  11 hours 30 Min 

Amsterdam 11 hours 10 Min

New York 14 hours 30 Min

Paris 11 hours 20 Min

Which is the best area to stay in Cape Town

This isn't a short answer, it really depends on what you are coming to Cape Town for. However if you are a general tourist we'd recommend somewhere near Sea Point, Green Point, Bantry Bay, Clifton or Camps Bay. All these places are close enough to the city, main tourist attractions and beaches.

Blouberg is recommended for Kite Boarding, Surfing and Wind Surfing.

Muizenberg, Saint James, Simons Town, Kommetjie, and Noordhoek town are beautiful and great for a slow experience and surfing, however, they are a little far from the hustle and bustle of the city. They have their own great subculture.

How far is Cape Town from Johannesburg

1390km or 863mi

That is about a 14-hour drive or 2 hour Flight

Covid and Curfew

Alcohol Sales: Normal trading hours.

Masks are required in Public (indoors)

Events, Bars, Markets and clubs are back to normal

Please see the Governments' official guidelines here!

(Updated 22 June 2022)

What is the weather like in Cape Town

Winter- Beautiful warm days, with Storms and Rain. Best to be layered and Rain Jackets.

Spring- The best time of year, warm days with an occasional late storm that passes quicker than winter.

Summer- Hot and Windy. Since Cape Town is built around table mountain there are sub climates and areas like Clifton and Sea point that get less or no wind. Cape Town is the kiteboarding capital of the world in summer, that should say enough about the wind.

Autumn is- Beautiful time of year, with warmer days and little wind.

Cape Town South Africa

What is the latitude and longitude of Cape Town South Africa?

The coordinates are: 33.9249° S, 18.4241° E

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