Atlantis Dunes Adventure Guide (2022)

Updated: Jul 17

45 Minutes outside of Cape Town you will find the spectacular Atlantis Dunes. With views like this, you can see why it become the hotspot for filmmakers, photographers and adventure enthusiasts.

Table Mountain view of the Atlantis dunes by Emmet Sparling

You don’t need to be a local to find out everything you need to know about the Atlantis Dunes.

Until recently Atlantis Dunes was one of Cape Town’s best-kept secrets.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Atlantis Dunes, as well as some interesting information and local tips and tricks.

  1. About Atlantis Dunes

  2. Entry fees 2022 and permits.

  3. Quad Biking

  4. Photography and Photoshoots

  5. Jeep Tours

  6. Self-Drive 4x4

  7. Sand Boarding

  8. Filming

  9. FMX Motocross

  10. Local Tips and Tricks

  11. Animals in Atlantis Dunes

Local Tips and Tricks for the Atlantis Dunes

  1. The dunes can get very windy in the South Easter. Check for the forecast.

  2. Security will check your vehicle for Wood, Alcohol and Camera gear.

  3. Dunes are best after wind or rain during the week. There will be fewer tyre marks in the sand.

  4. After Rain, the dunes can fill with water which makes for beautiful scenery.

  5. Atlantis is a great place to spend the day or picnic in low wind conditions

  6. Dunes look best in Golden Hour with scattered clouds.

  7. On a clear day, you can see table mountain.

About the Atlantis Sand Dunes

  • The Sand dunes are located in Cape Town, South Africa. Atlantis covers 500 hectares (32km squared) of the City of Cape Town Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve.

  • The White sand dunes can reach up to 50 meters (160 feet) high.

  • The Sand dunes are used for a variety of activities that we will mention below.

  • To access the dunes you can walk in without a 4x4, however, you will be limited to how far you can walk which can be strenuous on the soft sand.

  • To access the dunes, you will need to book a tour, or self-drive 4x4 yourself, which we will discuss in the self-drive section.

  • Atlantis is home to rare mammals and flora.

Entry fees 2022 and permits.

To enter the Atlantis Dunes you will require a permit. Permits can be obtained from the permit office at the gate with the exception of a filming permit.

There are different permits for different activities.









4x4 / Off Road

Per vehicle (4 Adults)

Extra adult

Extra Child




Quadbike/ motorcycle

Per Vehicle