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Guide to CBD Oil Cape Town

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Here is our Guide to Buying CBD in Cape Town. We've created a list of some of our favourite shops and brands. CBD oil is completely legal in South Africa, which has led to a bunch of great CBD Brands. Whether you are looking for CBD Oil, CBD vapes or CBD Gummies here is our list.

If you are looking for Cannabis Edibles and Vapes- See THIS article.

CBD Store Online South Africa: HighTea CBD

HighTea CBD If you are looking for a great brand and want to order online, we highly recommend HighTea CBD. Their Premium CBD is full-spectrum and has had some incredible life-changing reviews. They offer the Same Day Delivery and have a range of the following CBD products

Taste of Cannabis

The Taste of Cannabis has an incredible range of CBD Oils and other CBD Products.

What we love is their variation of the various oils that are specially designed to help with pain, anxiety and sleep.

They Offer Free delivery on Purchases over R850

Links to their Products Below

Check out our Cape Town Guide below!

Where to buy CBD Oil in Cape Town?

CBD oil can be bought online in Cape Town, as well as in a variety of Chemists, Pharmacies, Boutique Health stores, Dis Chems and almost all markets, you can even buy CBD at certain coffee shops. We Recommend buying it online.

Basically, you can find CBD oil almost anywhere. However, if you are looking for edibles and vapes we recommend High CBD and if you are looking for creams and health products we recommend Goodleaf and Cannabliss.


Goodleaf is one of the bigger CBD Companies in South Africa. They make a wide variety of CBD products and will find their CBD in Vida-e cafe (A popular South African Coffee Shop)

GoodLeaf Cape Town CBD Stores

V&A Waterfront

Wellness Warehouse- Kloof Street

Goofleaf Paarl

Johannesburg CBD Stores



Cannabliss is another well-known CBD store in Cape Town. They have a huge range of Wellness and CBD Products that include Cannabliss Medical Gummies

Cape Town Stores

Claremont: Canabliss Claremont: Shop 8 Intaba Building Vineyard Road Claremont

CBD oil Dischem

Dischem is South Africa's most popular Chemist/pharmacy and you will find a Dischem in most malls in South Africa. Dis-Chem stock a wide variety of CBD products and brands that include:

  • ReThink CBD

  • FourFive CBD oil

  • Nativa Complex CBD oil

  • Adco CBD Oil

  • Extract Energy and Memory CBD oil

  • Releaf CBD Oil

  • Solal CBD Drops

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