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A Stoners Guide to Cape Town (& South Africa)

Updated: Mar 18

We've all typed "Weed Near Me" into Google! That is why we have created the Ultimate Stoners Guide to Cape Town (and South Africa). If you are searching for Marijuana, Here is our Safe guide to finding sweet MJ.

Best THC Edibles and Vapes in Cape Town

Where to buy THC edibles in South Africa / Cape Town

Get Our Cape Town Guide Below

Find out more about our custom Cape Town Travel guide here!

Where is the Best Place to Get Weed in Cape Town?

Disposable THC Vape Pens (Online- South Africa Delivery)

Best Weed Dispensary (Shop)

Best Clubs

  • Cannibisters

  • Baked Blouberg

Best Cannabis Accessories and Grow Tents

Before we get into our complete guide. Let's start here.

Is Cannabis / Marijuana Legal in South Africa?

As you might know, Cannabis in South Africa has been decriminalised by the country's constitutional court for private use by adults. However, many ifs, buts, grey areas, and fairytales exist. That said, Wikipedia has many useful links if you want to learn more. Here is the link!

What we do know about the Weed (Marijuana) industry in South Africa:

South Africa is moving towards fully legalising Cannabis shortly. It seems Weed is positioned to become a significant South African export. This has led to a large variety of Weed Clubs, Dispensaries, and health stores selling weed to the public.

Before you type in “weed shops near me”? or "Where to Buy Cannabis Products?"

Here is our list:

1. Hightea Cape Town (THC Infused 420 Edibles and Vapes)

High Tea Cape Town is a local favourite. They are known for their incredible product, excellent packaging and discrete delivery.

Here is what their Clients Say.

I must say a big WOW pure quality product ,I have tried many others but it doesn't come close , please keep up the good work. Adrian J

Hightea's TED Gummies and HERO 40mg Gummies are AMAZING!.

Hightea CBD Edible Gummies

HighTea Cape Town has a wide variety of Edibles and CBD products that include:

CBD Gummies, CBD Oil, Cannabis Products Cape Town, South Africa
Hightea CBD Cannabis Oils and Edible Products

If you are looking for THC-infused gummies, they have a variety of strengths.

You can find Hightea Cape Town at various markets or order online with Delivery in South Africa. (Free Standard discrete delivery for orders over R1000)

South Africa's most loved THC vape Pen. Dive into the epitome of vaping excellence with our Runtz THC Disposable Vape Pen range, a curated selection featuring illustrious strains such as Blue Dream, Runtz OG, Golden Runtz, Wedding Cake Runtz, Sour Diesel, and Skywalker Indica. Each pen is a gateway to a uniquely extraordinary cannabis experience, crafted meticulously to unveil the rich profiles and potent effects inherent to each strain. Infused with the highest quality cannabis, our range stands as a testament to purity and performance, promising an unrivalled journey through the delightful terrains of flavour, aroma, and impact. Elevate your senses with the reliability and prowess of our superior vape craftsmanship, and explore the diverse spectrum of experiences offered by our distinguished strains.

Explore Cookie Boss's exclusive Pre-Rolled Joints Collection, featuring Purple Punch, Beach Wedding, and Zkittlez. Each strain offers a unique blend of flavours and effects, perfectly rolled for convenience—experience luxury, quality, and sustainability in every puff. Find your perfect cannabis companion today. Each Tin contains 7 Premium Pre-Roll Weed Joints. (4.2g)

  1. Purple Punch: Perfect for unwinding, this indica-dominant blend combines Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, offering a symphony of grape and blueberry flavours. It's the ideal evening companion for those seeking a serene escape.

  2. Beach Wedding: Experience the blissful harmony of Beach Wedding, a potent hybrid known for its euphoric and relaxing effects. With its earthy, citrus undertones, this strain perfectly balances energizing activities and tranquil leisure.

  3. Zkittlez: Embrace the playful spirit of Zkittlez, an Indica-dominant hybrid bursting with sweet, fruity flavours. A blend of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, it's designed to uplift and inspire, making it an excellent choice for creative endeavours or a joyful break.

3. Taste of Cannabis.

specialises in CBD and Full-Spectrum Cannabis Products. Their innovative and exciting products allow our customers to experience the world of Cannabis in many different ways.

When Buying they have a standard CBD range and their Cannalicious Range which is marketed as FULL Spectrum- if you know what we mean.

Links to our Favourite Taste of Cannabis Products are below.

4. Cookie Boss Disposable THC Vape Pens

We never leave home without our Cookie Boss Disposable THC Vape!

Cookie Boss is a beautifully designed PREMIUM Ceramic Disposable THC Vape Pen.

Free Standard Delivery Throughout South Africa

  • 1ml chamber will give you around 400 solid puffs

  • 10 Unique Flavours.

  • Disposable Ceramic Vape, no batteries, no charging, easy to use just pull and away you go.

  • Discrete, No 'Smoke' or smell

  • Perfect for Keeping in your pocket

  • Great for taking off the edge (Micro Dosing)

  • Excellent Reviews

Buy Cookie Boss Here!

5. Zootly on Kloof

Zooty on Kloof is a great one-stop shop for anything weed-related.

They have both an online and wholesale store if you want to stock their products.

Whether you are looking for CBD edibles, Grinders, gummies, Bongs, or even grow kits that include growing tents and lights. Zooty has it all for you.

Some of our Favourite Zootly Cannabis-infused products.

Shop Now: Zootly Edibles.

Delivery in South Africa

6. Cannibisters

Cannibisters Herbal Apothecary is a member-only weed apothecary in Cape Town. They offer cannabis connoisseurs and medical users a legal space to enjoy and share the herb. They have a great-looking space to stop in.

65 Regent Street, Sea Point Cape Town.

A charge of R100 a month is required to get access.

Cape Towns members only weed Club. Buy cannabis
Nip it in the bud. Cape Town Weed Club. Photo Luke Daniel

5. Baked Blouberg- Members Club

Baked is a private Weed Club in Blouberg. They have various Cannabis products, a restaurant, and a bar. Members-only. Edibles, Bud and Flower.

  • Weed (Flower)

Phone +27 21 556 0955

6. 420 Monkeys (THC Edibles)

420 Monkeys is an online site that offers a wide variety of cannabis products. Everything from indoor to greenhouse and medical-grade bud.

  • South Africa Delivery online.

7) Cannabis Connect

Cannabis Connect has been around for a few years and is a review and price aggregator that checks the prices of products on some of South Africa's best CBD and cannabis shops in South Africa, whether you looking for seeds, CBD products, or a new bong, pipes or grow gear.

8. Cannabliss

It is a new brand in Cape Town. Cannabliss is known for its Cannabliss CBD gummies, Cannalicious gummies, and THC edibles.

10. Rethink – everyday CBD wellness.

Their brand targets a healthy lifestyle as well as pet oils and products.

  • CBD oil.

11. Good Hope CBD (For the Pets)

Suppose you are looking for CBD treats or CBD oils for pets. Good Hope CBD makes an incredible range of products.

Where to buy Cannabis Related Products/ Weed in Johannesburg?

However, most companies above can deliver if you are looking for a physical shop.

1) The Greenery Cafe

Apothecary is a brand new Cannabis-related CBD and Mushroom dispensary. We love that you can sit down and enjoy a coffee, too.

Great for working away from home, with free wifi even during load shedding.

Located in the Rivonia Village Shopping centre, corner of Rivonia Boulevard and mutual road Johannesburg.

Contact: 071 479 7074

The Greenery is a CBD, Cannabis, health and wellness store in Sandton's heart. The store offers various infused products from across the spectrum, including served and packaged coffee. There is free wifi and work-away-from-home facilities with and without load-shedding.

Check out the full article here.

We are continuously adding to our list. If you have any more recommendations or reviews, please feel free to leave them in the Comments.

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