A Stoners Guide to Cape Town (& South Africa)

Updated: Aug 31

We've all typed "Weed Near Me" into google! That is why we have created the Ultimate Stoners Guide to Cape Town (and South Africa). Here is our guide to finding sweet MJ.


Best Edibles and Vapes in Cape Town

Where is the Best Place to Get Weed in Cape Town?

Disposable THC Vape Pens (Online)

Best Weed Dispensary (Shop)

Best Clubs

  • Cannibisters

  • Baked Blouberg

See the Full list below:

Before we get into our full guide. Let's start here.

Is Cannabis / Marijuana Legal in South Africa?

As you might know, Cannabis in South Africa has been decriminalised by the country's constitutional court for personal use by adults in private. However, there are still many ifs and buts, grey areas and fairytales. That said Wikipedia has a bunch of useful links if you want to find out more. Here is the link!

What we do know about the Weed (Marijuana) industry in South Africa:

South Africa is moving towards fully legalising Cannabis in the near future. It seems Weed is posed to become a major South African export. This has led to a large variety of Weed Clubs, Dispensaries, and health stores selling weed to the public.

Before you type in “weed shops near me”? or "Where to Buy Cannabis Products?"

Here is our list:

1. Hightea Cape Town (THC Infused 420 Edibles and Vapes)

High Tea Cape Town is a local favourite Edibles and Club. They have a great range of gummies, and they taste delicious.

Hightea CBD Edible Gummies

HighTea Cape Town wide variety of Edibles and CBD products that include:

  • CBD Gummies

  • THC Happy Gummies

  • Vapes

  • Oils

  • Fudge

  • THC Infused Caramel Pop-Corn

CBD Gummies, CBD Oil, Cannabis Products Cape Town, South Africa
Hightea CBD Cannabis Oils and Edible Products

If you are looking for THC-infused gummies they have a variety of strengths.

You can find Hightea Cape Town at a variety of markets or order online.

Website: https://www.highteacbd.online

2. Zootly on Kloof

Zooty on Kloof is a great one-stop shop for anything weed-related. Whether you are looking for, CBD edibles, Grinders, Bongs or even grow kits. Zooty has it all for you. Walk-in off the street.


3. Cannibisters