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Things to do in Kalk Bay (2024)

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Kalk bay is one of the coolest little neighbourhoods in Cape Town. Built around the old fishing harbour in False bay, there is no shortage of things to do and see.

Photos by Craig Howes // SoCoMunity

There is an eclectic mix of people, beautiful restaurants, cute coffee shops, old books stores, galleries and of course fish and chips.

How Far is Kalk Bay From Cape Town?

Kalk bay is about a 45-minute drive from Cape Town CBD, depending on traffic. However, if you want to do something a little different, you can catch a train from Cape Town Station and stop right outside the iconic brass bell restaurant. This Train ride is spectacular in terms of views, and a real experience.

Kalk Bay What to Do?

1) Kalk Bay Harbour

The old fishing harbour is still operational and is famous for supplying cape town with fresh fish.

Image Via Craig Howes

Walking through the harbour you bump into old-school cape town fishermen, who really are characters. The Harbour is filled with old colourful boats and is a photographer's dream. You can even walk through the little fish market and see "the catch of the day" as well as bokoms (Fish Biltong) drying on the ceilings.

Image by Craig Howes

Look out for the local territorial seals, they are always there and waiting for the offcuts. These seals are real characters and a little on the fat side.

2) Kalkies For Fish and Chips

Cape Town has a huge fish and chips culture and you'll find a variety of great fish and chips shops throughout Cape Town. Kalkies has become an iconic destination for fish and chips. Don't expect anything fancy but it's a true Cape Town experience.

Based right next to the fish market in Kalk bay it is the go-to place for Fish and Chips. The clientele is a wide variety from local fishermen, to families and tourists who have come to give the fish and chips a try.

In South Africa, we eat Snoek and Hake fried fish. Both are white fish, but snoek is uniquely South African.

Note: Make sure you take cash, they don't accept card payments, however, they do have an ATM in-store.

3) Brass Bell Kalk Bay

Where to Eat in Kalk Bay? One of Kalk Bay's most famous restaurants is the Brass Bell. Located right on the Ocean Brass bell is a great Restaurant / Bar with a beach feel.

4) Kalk Bay Tidal Pool (Dalebrook Tidal Pool)

Nestled right between Kalk Bay and Saint James, the Kalk Bay tidal pool is a local's favourite for early morning swims as well as a great place to spend the day with the kids.

You access the tidal pool by walking under the bridge from Main Road

5) Kalk Bay Theatre

The Kalk Bay Theater is very much a community-based theatre. Seating only 72 guests inside a heritage building of the Dutch Reformed Church on Main Road. Kalk Bay Theater is known for its great theatre and comedy.

6) Explore the little Shops of Kalk Bay

7) Accommodation Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay has some great hotels, AirBnb's and Guest Houses. Below are some places to stay in Kalk Bay on the map.

How Far is Kalk Bay From Simons Town? (Boulders Beach Penguins)

Simons Town is 16km (10 Miles) from Kalk bay. This should take around 15 minutes by car or taxi. You can also take a train which will take around 10 minutes. It is also possible to Walk or Ride along the Coast to Simmons Town

How Far is Kalk Bay to Saint James Beach

Kalk Bay is right next to Saint James Beach, you can walk to see the iconic Colourful houses of Saint James in less than 5 Minutes from Kalk Bay

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